First Names Tattoo Designs

First Names Tattoo Designs And Tattoo                           Pictures Ideas

In this post we will be looking at first names tattoo designs to give you some tattoos to look at and will help you pick the tattoo that is right for you. To help with this hard decision we have put up some pics.

Tattoo Pictures Ideas

This is just a couple of first names tattoo designs for you to look at. When picking a tattoo most people will decide on a design the first time they go into the tattoo parlour.The important thing to do when choosing a design is, go into all the tattoo shops in your area and ask the artist to show you his work, remember it’s going to be on you for-ever. The next thing to look at would be price,a good tattoo artist is not going to be cheap so don’t skimp on money.

Go on-line and check forums and websites to see if there is any info on the artist you choose,most good tattoo artists will have reviews on them and people talking about there work.

Look at some tattoo pictures ideas and first names tattoo designs for some inspiration. You can see some excellent tattoos on sites like Instagram, Flicker, Facebook and Google images etc. Once you have seen some designs you like, copy them on to your computer. Lots of people  are designing their own tattoos now because its more personal and feels much better than picking one from the shop.

You want to be happy with your tattoo years after its done, this is how i urge people to look at designs online and try and find some ideas for at least a weak. If you do some research the chances are your going to have a brilliant tattoo,one to be proud of because you have done something most people don’t do when they pick a tattoo and that’s take there time when choosing a design.

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Tattoo me now-My honest review read NOW!


                          MEMBERS SITE

Black and Wight photo of a tattooed ladyTattooMeNow you can access thousands of tattoo designs. Most people will regret the first tattoo they get because of rushing to pick one from the parlour.

Tattoo me now have all sorts of tattoos for all different personalities. My favourite kind of designs are the full body designs and their is so many to pick from.You can choose from thousands that are up to date with today’s trends.

When you get a tattoo you want to feel good about it weeks and years after you have it,what you don’t want is to feel regret or embarrassment every time you look at it ,just because you rushed to get it done. 

Lets take a look at some of the features.

Tattoo Me Now: design gallery join NOW!

The design gallery  have more than 9,000 designs which are unique and have over 40 other individual categories. Some of the top tattoo artists are designing for the tattoo me now website including Eric Logorita,Sheryl Unwin ,Alexanderson  and many more top names. Some category’s include full body tattoos, tribal tattoos, biker, butterfly, heart, Chinese,faces, fairy and many more. There is even Elvis tattoos that you can get.The design gallery is very good for ideas because you can put one two or three pictures together to make one custom design and truly have a unique tattoo only you have. The thing i liked about this part of the site is i could print out any design i wanted and take it to the tattoo shop.Another good part of the feature is they make it very easy to get back to any designs you like.

Tattoo Me Now: members gallery

a man on the beach with a tattoo on his back
Tattoos that look good

The good things about this part of tattoo me now is you can spend all day communicating with other members. The site have a very large community who are very active ad helpful. You can take this opportunity to post pictures to other members who will give you their advise on what they think. You can even get help from other people to design a new tattoo or to give some ideas. Others on the site can also benefit from your input on the things that they post,you can do this with the 5 star ratings tool.


In the studio directory you will get access to thousands of tattoo studios all over the world. Now you can find a tattoo artist with a good reputation in your local area. The review area have a commenting section that people give reviews and ratings of good or bad tattoo parlour’s via a 5 star feature.  You can also use this feature to alert other users on any bad experiences so they can avoid being ripped of


The video vault is what makes joining tattoo me now well worth it because you can watch videos of people getting tattoos.This will give you first hand knowledge  of what it will be like when you get yours. Video vault holds thousands of videos with the best information about the art of tattooing. Everything you will need to know about tattoos is in the video vault.There is even information on what it takes to remove a tattoo.


The discussion forum in tattoo me now have a thriving community who are very helpful and friendly. You can take advantage of this opportunity to discuss with other like minded people all things of tattooing. This feature can be used to ask questions about the website or questions that you might have about any of the designers. The best pert of the discussion forum is the opportunity to make friends and build relationships.


Tattoo Me Now have so much good information about the art of tattooing in there media library.Here you have access to different books,like ” tattoo in 12 easy steps” “how to prevent infection” “getting inked” “you and your tattoo” and the  “ecstasy tattoo designs eBook” .The media library have also got a health and fitness category with a choice of eBooks for the members to read. TattooMeNow will regularly update there site and content with hundreds of new designs and eBooks. The news section will keep all the members updated with any changes or new stuff they add to the website.

If you are trying to decide on your first tattoo or maybe your wanting to add to your collection TattooMeNow is the best place to be. The only members site with the best help and the excellent choice of designs they have on offer. Personally i like the helpful community and the chance to make new friends and relationships.

Tattoo Me Now:Letter Generator

The letter generator is a good tool that will allow you to generate a font for your design.The letter generator makes it easy for you to design your own tattoo with hundreds of styles and fonts.Its very easy to use,all you do is pick a font from the list,then pick the colour add the text then generate your tattoo.”Tattoo me now” makes this task very easy that’s what i liked about it.

black and white picture of a man with a full body tattootwo girls leaning on a carTattoo Me Now guaranties when you join and become a member you will meet like minded people,you will get access to any questions,see videos on related topics,Make lots of friends and generally have fun.At tattoo me now you will find genuine people and the perfect tattoo.

Getting your first tattoo can be a decision that’s made in a instant.Many people will regret there first tattoo because they flipped through a binder at the local shop and made a quick decision. A tattoo should be something you are proud of,to show to family and friends .Getting a bad design could be something you will regret for years.

These are the reasons that we have searched on-line for a solution.”Tattoo me now” is the most popular service available on-line join the members site NOW!

So lets look again at what you get.

  1. To be part of the on-line community
  2. Design gallery
  3. Members gallery
  4. studio directory
  5. Video vault
  6. Discussion forum
  7. Media library
  8. Letter generator
  • Plus much more.


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Reasons for getting tattooed

“Painting and tattooing the body is a return to animalism.” -Johann A tattoo on a girls arm saying "dont dream your life, live your dream"Wolfgang Von Goethe.

“Tattoos are like stories-they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life.”-Pamela Anderson.
There are numerous people around you who are getting an envious tattoo made every now and then. It’s like a passion for a lot of people. Some aren’t satisfied with just one- they want more because, as they say, tattoo is an addiction. Gone are the days when just the gangsters or celebrities had a body art. Everyone wants one now as this is one of the best ways to express oneself. Just like a picture says a thousand words, your tattoo says a lot about you too. I will give you not one but many reasons to get at least one tattoo embroidered on you. Thinking about it – about not just what you want, but whether you really want it at all, and why – would certainly prevent the extra pain of laser removal or reduction treatment, which is booming, business-wise, almost as much as tattooing itself.
Getting your body inked isn’t a trend of today. This form or art have been practiced in a lot of cultures since many centuries. Tattoos were also used as in identity of a community, for example, The Ainu, and indigenous people of Japan, traditionally had facial tattoos. Today, one can find Atonal, Seeding, Truky, and Saisivat of Taiwan, Berbers of North Africa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani and Hausa people of Nigeria, and Maori New Zealand with facial tattoos. As with other artistic mediums and cultural developments, vocabulary continually evolves, reflecting the depth and potential of body marking and of the contemporary imagination. In recent years tattooing has emerged to the forefront of popular consciousness.Today a tattoo ‘flash’, is a folder of tattoo-artwork by tattoo artists. Styles range from the traditional and vernacular to the sacred and innovative.

Primary reason for getting a tattoo is that you get to wear your heart on your sleeve (not literally). The tattoo will scream of your personality- religious, if you have sayings from Bible tattooed; musical, if your tattoo design has a guitar or saxophone; family person, if you get your parents’ name tattooed and so on. They say a tattoo can be read as an individual’s identity, his or her passion, his or her most cherished belonging and so on. This will welcome you to the world of tattooed people where even you can show off that body art. Once it is done, you will love and cherish it all your life and if at all you think you have gone beyond the tattoo passion then get it removed through cosmetic surgery, laser and many other methods.
Another reason is love for the art. Your looks will surely enhance and you and your tattoo will get noticed by everyone. An attractive body art always delights the eye and one tattoo is a permanent accessory you will wear for life, accentuating the look of your trousseau. You also tend to express your love for a loved one with a tattoo. It is common to have names of your children, parents, spouse, best friend, pet and whoever is dear to you can be tattooed to show how you feel for them. Some people also get names or memoirs of a deceased loved one tattooed to show their love and express condolence. You may also get a tattoo to wear your religion or religious beliefs in front of the world. This is extremely common these days. Picture of your deity, religious sentence, religious symbol and so many other designs can be tattooed that say about your religion.

How about getting a tattoo because it is your family tradition? Yes, there are countless families where addiction to tattoos runs in each member’s blood. There are scenarios, that a tattoo has become the identity so a particular family wherein every member of the family sports a similar tattoo. Come up with your reason and design your own tattoo accordingly. I am sure you cannot have just one.

They say that getting a tattoo isn’t always about fashion or to show off. Tattoos can be extremely emotional and close to ones heart as well. This is so, since it is a part of your body, something that you live with and something that eventually becomes a part and parcel of your life! It certainly hurts to get a tattoo done, especially if the chosen area for the art work is closer to the bones, but people take that pain with a smile, since they know that once the tattoo is done, he or she would be able to make a statement of his or her.
Tattoos are becoming more commonly seen in our society today. They are seen on many celebrities and everyday people of all ages and from different cultures.

Check out tattoo me now for some designs

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History Of Tattooing

Tattoo on the right arm of a mummy found hundreds of years ago,the man was believed to be a chieftain of a tribe  Tattoos are a form of body markings made by piercing ink just under the top layer of skin.People have been tattooing for thousands of years throughout the world in many different cultures,mostly in Asia and other parts of the world.The Ainu and the indigenous Japanese would have had facial tattoos.Today you can still find people all over the world with tattoos on there face.

Tattooing spread from the Polynesia,tribal groups in Africa and also other countries like Cambodia,Borneo,Japan,Europe,meso America,New Zealand,north and south america Taiwan and the Philippines etc.

Tattooing has been practised since the neolithic times,Otzi the ice man was found with 57 carbon tattoos of simple lines and dots on his lower back,his knee and ankle.Experts date the tattoos from the 5th to 4th millennium BC. Other discoveries are recorded to date back to 2nd millennium BC.

Celtic,Germanic,central and northern Europe tribes have been documented through time to be heavily tattooed.Julius Caesar wrote in his book V of the tattooed tribes and there elaborate tattoo designs.One of the European tribes from Scotland tattooed there faces for war,and the ink would be made from copper for the blue tone.

Cultures throughout the world have been tattooing for thousands of years,each with there own customs and designs. Nobody knows the time tattooing started,the discovery’s have put a time line  going back to the earliest discovery. “Otzi the ice man” dated back to 3300 BC using carbon dating but some people contest and say the method is not accurate. A tattooed mummy was found in Argos dating back to 300 BC. Two mummy’s where found in Ukok plateau,one male on female. Discovery’s around the world have dated tattooing to be thousands of years, and hopefully the discovery’s will keep happening and we find out more about tattooing.

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